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Information below may be modified without notice from time to time.  

Last Update: February 19th, 2022

Registration Package

Welcome, thank you for registering your little one in our program!

We truly appreciate and are grateful for the trust you have put in our team to care for and educate your child.. 

Please review each section carefully as there is a lot of important information being covered.



- Regular monthly tuition payments will begin the month of your child's start date

- Payments are due on the 1st of every month via pre-authorized bank debits, EMT, or credit card (details below)

- At the time of registration, we collect a Registration/Supply Fee and a Tuition Deposit to secure your spot

Registration/Supply Fee

At the time of registration request, a Registration/Supply Fee of $180 was collected.  Please note that the Registration/Supply Fee is non-refundable once a spot has been secured. If we are not able to secure a spot, you will be added to the Standby list for the requested schedules.

Tuition Deposit

As authorized on the registration request, we will use the payment method on file to charge a Tuition Deposit in the amount of 1 months tuition (before subsidies and grants) to secure your child's spot in the program. 


The Tuition Deposit will be held on file and applied to your final invoice. Subsidy and/or grants received for the final month of school will be refunded back to you..

The Tuition Deposit is fully refundable , minus a 5% processing fee, if you cancel your registration for any reason within the notice period as per our withdrawal policy which is outlined in our Fee Guide.

If the withdrawal request is not received within the required notice period, the Tuition Deposit is forfeited and becomes non-refundable.

- Please complete the AutoPay setup for automatic collection of monthly fees @

- If you are a returning family and banking information is the same, no action is required

- If you prefer to pay with EMT or Credit Card per invoice, please note that payments more than 3 days past the due date will automatically incur a $30 Late fee. Payment instructions here

Current Fee Guide

Subsidy and Grant Info

- A $75 grant will automatically be applied to each monthly invoice beginning the month you are starting

- An additional $125 subsidy is available to eligible families with household income of less than $180K. at eligible locations, but will not be applied to your account until up to 45-60 days after your start date.*  

*How the $125 subsidy works:

1.. Apply online up to 30 days before your start date (You do not need to send us confirmation of subsidy approval)

2. At the beginning of every month, we submit student enrollment data for the previous month to the Children's Services office

3. The Children's Services office then sends us subsidy payments for the previous month within 14-20 business days for eligible students

4. We receive and apply the subsidy payments to your account

- Please note that based on this process, your first two invoices after the start date will not include the subsidy payments since we will not receive the funds for the month attended until 45-60 Days after your start date.  

- As the subsidy payments are received, they will be applied to your account and the amount of future invoices will be reduced. 

- After your final month, we will send subsidy credits back to you in the form of a refund.

Income Tax Deduction

- Parent portion of child care fees may be used as an income tax deduction on your annual tax return with the CRA.  Annual statements will be sent out during the month of February.

- Consult your accountant and/or review CRA website here

First Week of School for 2022/2023

The first day of school will be after the Labour Day Holiday during the week of Tuesday, September 6, 2022.  The exact day will be communicated in mid-August.

This first week will be staggered entry meaning half the students attend one day and the other half attend the other day.

Staggered entry helps with transitioning your child to the classroom environment with a smaller class size and gives Teachers more time to get to know your child on the first day.  Feel free to stay a little longer this first week to help your child transition if required.

Between August 31st - September 2nd, you will be invited to a Family Orientation along with the other families in your child's class. The orientation will be about 30-45 minutes between 3pm-6pm.   It is highly recommended that you and your child attend the orientation as it goes a long way to successfully transition your child into the classroom..  No siblings please.  

If your child is a returning student, we will do our best to ensure the same teacher. 

The exact day/time of the staggered entry day and Family Orientation will be communicated in the late summer once class lists have been finalized. 

Your child's transition to school

Assist us with your child’s transition to school by speaking to them about school and showing them the classroom with the online virtual tour prior to starting class @

(click on the location you are attending to view the tour)

- If this is your child's first time attending our classroom, we encourage you to go through our online virtual tour with your child to get them familiar with the space. This helps with the anxiety of the 'unknown' for your child's first day of school. The more they feel comfortable and know what to expect, the easier the transition will be and the more confident they will feel.

Here is a checklist or recommended things to do to manage your child's transition:

- Attend the Orientation Evening the week before the first day with your child

- Have your child attend the first week of school during staggered entry week

- Talk to your child about school and what to expect, show videos and the virtual tour of the classroom

- Share information about the child with your child's teacher using the first day 'about me' form

- Create a routine around things you do before and after class

- Develop a consistent and predictable farewell routine

- Review additional resources to prepare your child for the transition to school:

Items for School

Ensure list of items for the first day of class are ready to go prior to the first day

o Family Photo - 4X6 (please bring to class on Orientation day)

o Pair of indoor shoes (labeled with your child's name and will be left in child's backpack) (velcro or slip-on)

o Backpack (large enough to fit a book-sized 8.5X11 inches)

o Change of clothes in the backpack

o Water Bottle (can be water or juice but in a bottle)

o Face mask (optional)

o Snack (refer 'snack' section in Parent Handbook)

Parent Portal

Prior to the first day of class, please install the Jumpstart Parent Portal to any mobile device by following the 2 steps below:

1. With your mobile device, scan or click (tap) the QR code

QR Code for Parent Portal

2. Add the Jumpstart Parent Portal to the Home Screen of your mobile device:

Brightwheel App

Closer to the start date, you will receive an email invitation to join our classroom app, Brightwheel, used for daily pictures, videos, and messaging directly with your child's teacher.

You will receive an invite email from us after you have completed the full detailed registration form for your child

If you have already used the platform with an existing child, you will not receive an invite email as we will just update your existing profile..